The Mitchell Family History

Mavis and Bill Mitchell - their ancestors and descendants

Bill and Mavis Mitchell

Bill Mitchell was the eldest son of Albert Mitchell and Elsie (nee Willaton) and was born in China in 1922. Mavis was one of four children born to Albert Renshaw and Eva Alice (nee Thorne) in Geelong in 1920.

Mavis wrote that our family history "has been written in the hope that future generations of that same family may find interest in and strength from knowing something of their ancestors and where their roots are. Perhaps they will see fit to add to this document so that, in turn, their children can feel something of that intangible thread that serves to bind families together". (p6, 1987)


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Mitchell Family

Books by Mavis

This website started with books compiled by Mavis Mitchell, nee Renshaw. The complete text of each of these are in the 'Stories' directory 'Media' at the top right of the home page. Also, extracts from the books are repeated in the relevant profiles:-
01 - 'What's In A Name? #1' - William Renshaw and Maria, nee Treadwell - the first generation, 1987. It is a big document and will take a few minutes to load - but worth the wait.
02 - 'What's In A Name? #2' - George Thorne and Alice, nee Irwin and their children, 1990
03 - 'Bill Mitchell, This Is Your Life' - family memories collected for his 70th birthday, 1992. It is in four parts - 1 - Life story & Sir Charles, 2 - Family contributions & certificates etc, 3 - Awards etc, and 4 - Occasions etc.
04 - 'My Family & My Country' - poetry by Bill Mitchell, 1997
05 - 'Dear Sir' - Bill's letters to newspapers, collated in 1998.
06 - 'His Spirit Lives On' - Obituaries and reminisences at the time of Bill's death in 1996.
07 - 'We Shook The Family Tree Again' - the second generation of descendants of William and Maria Renshaw, 2006.